Roof Giveaway Terms And Conditions

There are just a few simple rules for the contest, including the following:

  • Recipient must be experiencing some sort of financial hardship (perhaps denied insurance coverage or some other tragedy which has prevented them from getting their roof completed).
  • Contest allows for up to 20 squares without any unusual circumstances (i.e., decking replacement, unusually steep, limited access, multiple layers, etc.). Value of roof replacement not to exceed $6,000.00.
  • Entries explaining your circumstances and why you feel that you or your nominee should be eligible for a free roof must be submitted at by no later than January 31st 2019
  • Winner will be selected by committee once all entries have been reviewed no later than Monday February 4th.
  • Roof replacement to be completed no later than 8 weeks after announcing the winner, assuming the weather cooperates, and the materials/color selected are available.
  • Nominees must own the home being nominated.
  • Nominees must reside in the home being nominated.
  • The free roof recipient must be current on his/her mortgage payments.
  • The free roof recipient must agree to sign Sharkey Roofing media release.

The recipient of the free roof receives a complete roof system installed according to local code and manufacturer specifications.

I understand that, during the course of my participation in the Roof Giveaway Program, Sharkey Roofing, may capture my name, likeness, image, or voice in photographic, audio, video, digital or other forms (“Media”). I recognized that all Media – including film, photographic prints, audio, video or digital files, including those photos submitted with my nomination – become the exclusive property of Sharkey Roofing. In addition, I hereby permit Sharkey Roofing permission or authority, to use my name and Media in materials available to existing and potential customers, staff and individuals within the community, including in publicity or promotional materials for Sharkey Roofing. I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve: (a) the finished Media, (b) any printed matter that may be used in conjunction with the Media, or (c) the eventual use to which the Media may be applied. I waive all right to compensation, royalties and damages, including all claims in tort, defamation, right to privacy or right of publicity claims. I sign this authorization and release on behalf of myself and all of my minor children who may be participating in The Sharkey Roofing Roof Giveaway.

This agreement constitutes the sole, complete, and exclusive agreement regarding the Media, and I am not relying on any other representation, whether oral or written.

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